Wake or Celebration of Life


Families of members often see the golf club as an appropriate venue to have a gathering after the funeral, especially if golf has played an important part in the deceased’s life.

Given the age-profile of private members’ clubs this opportunity comes along more frequently than we would like but nevertheless it a business opportunity.

There is likely to be a significant number of non-members attending, so creating a good first impression can lead to extra business in the future.

If the club is interested in taking non-member bookings for wakes then contact local funeral directors and let them know you are in this market. Quite often they are asked to recommend venues, so make sure you are on their list.

Key tips regarding wakes / celebrations of life

  • A funeral or wake is normally a lunchtime or afternoon event, so if hosting one on a busy golfing day then ensure you can deliver privacy
  • Make sure there is ample parking available
  • Delegate somebody to meet and greet – just to say welcome and point out where guests should go and where the cloakroom is
  • Brief the staff to treat guests with extra sensitivity as emotions are often running high
  • If a singer is performing, then make sure the location for them is suitable
  • Ensure golf club members are made aware in advance of the event