What golf clubs want from visitors and societies is one of two things – repeat business or new members. Hopefully both. Building loyalty underpins any business and yet golf clubs have been slow to embrace even the most basic principles of recognising good customers and rewarding them. Any business can learn a lot from the value of operating the simplest of schemes to build customer loyalty.


Get more people playing your course more often

Loyal customers tend to buy more, more regularly and they will frequently recommend your business to others. This is exactly what you want your visitors and societies to be doing.

They represent revenue generating opportunities to your golf club, and in the same way you should look to retain your members, you should put equal effort into retaining your visitors – whether they are individual golfers or large groups.

Never think of any booking as just one green fee or just one society day. You will work hard to get them to come to your club, make the most of it by ensuring they want to come back. You may even find yourself with some new members as a result.

Every person who plays your course is a stream of revenue. That stream should remain ongoing through the year.

You want to ensure that people keep coming back. Set up your marketing to be a continual source of revenue, not one off visitors.

Stay in control of your green fees. Don’t let a third party devalue your brand when you can increase your share of green fee revenue directly.

Know what to charge and when to charge it. Manage your pricing so you stay in control of your revenue generation.

Learn about how you can effectively and profitably make use of your Clubhouse for visitors as well as members.

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