Using Your Clubhouse


The more you offer as part of the membership, the more you will appeal to a widening audience, which can only be beneficial for recruiting and retaining members.

Your clubhouse is great for a post round drink, you do the odd function and you have a good bar and restaurant function which meets the needs of your members. However, are there other activities, aside from golf related ones where the clubhouse could be utilised more?

Some option to consider

  • Snooker or Pool. You may already have tables but don’t really promote them. Could you run a club league? Could you offer the facility for non-members to run their league at your club?
  • Darts. The same logic applies. It’s another sporting interest and there will always be a section of your members who love a bit of competition, no matter what the sport is.
  • Poker. Very popular now. Online poker is growing in popularity so the chances are there are a few players around your club. You could set up a league and give them a chance to hone their skills with some ‘live’ play
  • Swing studio competitions. Often the equipment can be moved or it can stay where is it and you can run competitions inside. Groups of friends play each other round Augusta, Pebble Beach, St Andrews and other famous courses. It’s a golf club version of Urban Golf, another growing industry which aims to make golf more fun
  • Bridge classes. Popular with the older generation, it could be an ideal activity for a afternoon session

All of these also represent another opportunity to roll these activities up with a food and beverage offer.

For those who hate the gym

Could you consider offering ‘get fit for golf’ sessions including:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba

Deals with others

You could even look at whether or not you could do deals with other local business so your members get an additional benefit and/or both business benefit from increased footfall.

  • Driving Ranges – will they offer your members a discount?
  • Health clubs and Spas – explore the possibility of a reciprocal arrangement.

The overall objective here is to ‘sweat the asset’ that is your clubhouse. It’s the second biggest asset you have. Make the most of it.