Segmenting Your Database


Why should you do this?

There are two main reason why segmenting your database is a good thing to do.
1. It enables you to be more targeted with your communications to your members
2. It helps you plan activities at the club

1. Communications

Segmenting your database enables you to create groups within your golf club of individuals who have something in common. There is no end to the range of segments you can create and this is hugely beneficial for communications as it means you provide members with information they are interested in.

There are still many clubs who send all emails to all members. Whilst this ensures all members are communicated to about everything, the chances are a good proportion of those contacted will have no interest in the subject at all. This can lead to disengagement with all communications from the club.

Using information you already hold about members plus information you may have from profiling your members you can identify some simple groupings.

Of course, the best way to segment your database regarding communications is simply to ask them what they want.

2. Planning

This can take the form of very basic planning, through to more in depth analysis of the database to provide activities which the members would be interested in.

For example:

A simple review of segmentation may highlight a reducing trend in the number of juniors at the club. This may be something which could be addressed by a promotion, lessons for juniors in the school holidays or encouraging existing juniors to use a member get member scheme. A variety of options to support a plan for this can be found in the Activities for Retention section and the Recruitment section.

If you have undertaken more detailed profiling then a more in depth review of the information may show that there are numerous people who like competitions and have a preferred playing day of Friday and a preferred playing time of evenings. Based on this is could be an ideal time to plan a roll up competition. This could be combined with a food offer and it starts to build a piece of activity which appeals to a certain section of your members and would get support. It also encourages additional use of the club through the combination of activities.

This could be promoted to the people in this segment via email, plus to anyone else who likes competitions or plays Friday evenings, plus on a poster within the club.

It is easy to select the distribution list and, based on the information you have, it will provide the best response rate to the activity. It’s not always about blanket communications to all.