Retention is not something which should just happen once a year when it comes round to getting a member to renew.

It starts the minute someone becomes a member. It is an ongoing process to make sure the member optimises their golfing, and social, experience at the club. It should be built into the activities of the club, rather than having specific activities which are labelled ‘retention activities’. It is pro-active not re-active. It is simply business as usual.


Make it so members don’t even think about leaving

All good sentiments and all correct in an ideal world. However, we don’t live in an ideal world and good retention also takes time and planning.

Understanding your members, profiling your members, specific communications for specific people, new member programmes, activities to help improve your game, promoting member benefits, exclusive offers, responding to trends and having your team and members aligned to support you – all these things help with retention. None of them happen by accident.

The challenge most clubs have in putting these processes and ideas in place is resource. This section aims to break down all the various elements and make implementing some of the ideas easier.

We have the tools and the guides to help you develop a framework of activity at your club which will help ensure that your members wouldn’t ever want to leave.

New ideas and activities will be added to the section all the time so there will always be something which will appeal to your members. Satisfied and happy members don’t leave golf clubs. You can’t have an individual programme for each member but by gaining some key knowledge about them as a group you will be able to address any challenges and provide an optimised golfing experience for them.

Knowledge is power. The more you know and understand your members, the easier it will be to provide a golfing experience they want.

Communications need to be consistent, relevant and timely. Good communication drives good relationships.

Don’t just recruit new members, integrate them into your club. Retention starts from day 1.

A range of options designed to enhance the golfer experience at your club. A happy member is a retained member.

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