What do we need? More members
When do we need them? Now!

Along with more green fees and societies it’s fair to say recruitment probably forms the backbone of marketing activity for many clubs. There will always be members leaving a club for a variety of reasons and each time this happens the revenue coming into the club decreases. Obviously, this needs to be replaced as reduced revenue means a business model which isn’t as sustainable.


Optimise your recruitment – timings, target audience and more

Recruitment can also lead to the most questions any golf club will ever ask themselves.

  • Who do we target?
  • What do we offer?
  • When do we target people?
  • Where should we promote?
  • How can we get a regular flow of new members?

The list of questions isn’t endless but providing the answers to the questions you have will go a long way to ensuring you are not panicking about where your next member is coming from.

Plans, membership types, target audiences and much more are all covered in this section. Remember the key point of selling any membership is having a product which has features people want. As what people want is changing all the time, your golf club needs to be adaptable to meet the needs of potential members.

Put the foundations in place to maximise the chances of successful recruitment activity.

Membership is not a ‘one size fits all’ option. With changing golfer habits and needs the key is to have products to best suit all golfer types.

Be clear on when to market your golf club and how to market golf club. Build on your planning foundations.

Know who you want and why they would want to join your golf club.

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