Sometimes, all people lack in terms of creating an advert is a bit of inspiration. Our library has over 150 examples of promotions which golf clubs have used. They may give you ideas or help outline a brief to your designer which follows the same layout.

They are not all world class adverts but that doesn’t mean they don’t work and it doesn’t mean they are not right for your golf club. These could be used for press adverts, poster designs, social media posts and much more.

Where possible try to keep one advert for one thing. Multiple messages may seem good as they may appeal to more people but there is a danger that you will lose the key message you are trying to get across.

Always make sure that your adverts have a clear call to action and, where possible, try and include a code for people to quote so you are able to track the success of your work (if an external advert).

More promotional examples will be added all the time, across a variety of categories.


Hundreds of designs to choose from