Managing The Retention Process – The Renewal Letter


The annual renewal process for any golf club is a key one. Thousands of pounds of important income rely on how well you do or don’t manage the process and yet still many golf clubs treat it with scant regard.

When it comes to renewal of membership then this represents a prime opportunity to remind members what they can get from the club. Many clubs send out a renewal notice which basically just asks for money. Not very engaging and given that this will often be asking people to part with hundreds of pounds it would seem worthwhile to take the opportunity to promote the club.

Try and personalise the communication if possible. Obviously, with resources being tight, this is not always possible.

It is a good time to remind members of some key points about the club. These could include:

  • Improvements to the course
  • A letter from the chairman with highlights from the last year
  • A reminder about reciprocal deals
  • Highlighting that new members have helped keep fees from going up or
  • Free hire of the venue for private parties

Time invested at this point is vital and, whilst it may be hard work to tailor the communications, the benefits of not losing a member speak for themselves.

This is one communication that members are guaranteed to read so you should never miss the opportunity to say something good about the club.

If they are thinking of not renewing their membership then ask them to get in touch to resign. You may be able to talk them out of it. Too many members disappear with no one really knowing or understanding what happened to them.