Committing to Social Media


Social media can provide added engagement with both members and potential members. In addition to your members and colleagues, people who have liked your page (Facebook) or followed you (Twitter) will tend to be independent golfers, members of other clubs who have played the course or people who have used the clubhouse for a function.

They are positive about the club but the key is to give them content they find entertaining. People do not go on social media to be sold to and, although it can be used for this purpose, the primary function of your social media presence should be to engage people through likes, comments, views, reach and shares.

Ideas on how to use Social media for promotions can be found in our here.

Don’t be half-hearted

One of the biggest mistakes many clubs make is that they dip their toe in the water with social media and wonder why their online presence doesn’t improve. Whichever social media channels you choose to use, it is vital to commit to them properly.

Page likes and followers do not grow overnight and it has to be worked at. It is a consistent presence that will start to reap benefits for the club. You will find that people will start talking about it in the clubhouse, will ask for things to be put on the pages and your reach will start to spread outside of the golf club.

Make someone responsible

Whilst social media pages can be outsourced, one of the key elements is that the person running the page is involved with the golf club. They need to know the people they are interacting with as it makes it more personal.

Getting someone outside of the club to run your page for you costs the club money and that person will not know the in jokes at the club, the key personalities to help build presence and will need to be constantly briefed on upcoming content.

Most clubs will have people who are regular users of social media. They understand how it works and are on it so often that looking after the club page won’t really be a huge amount of work. Most are likely to be happy to do it for free but you may want to offer something which will be of use to them, with limited cost to the club e.g. time in the swing studio, a lesson with the pro, free guest passes, etc.

Content needs to be controlled but they can easily work up a calendar of activity in conjunction with the marketing committee.

However, the benefit of outsourcing is that you can guarantee a continued presence. This may be worth the investment but remember, whoever does this for you will need to be given content. They will be experts in working social media to maximise reach, interaction, etc but none of this is possible without good, regular content.