Golf Club Marketing Resource is the brainchild of Jane Carter, founder of Golf Unlimited.

Golf Unlimited is a marketing company dedicating to helping the smallest of golf clubs, member run or proprietary, better compete in a tough environment. Unlike other marketing companies, we understand the golf business inside out. We know the pressures of an under-staffed or volunteer run resource, the most effective steps to get the job done and the best way to sell the vision to your members.

Marketing is now a constant requirement of any golf club in a challenging environment and that is unlikely to change any time soon. Our ethos is to give every golf club the knowledge and the support to deal with that change for a healthy, long term future.

Marketing resources for all

Realising that the biggest issue facing golf clubs is a lack of dedicated resource to implement marketing, Golf Unlimited has now created a series of packages for golf clubs of every size and budget to be able to access consistent and quality marketing advice and guidance.

Supported by marketing account managers and experts in every field of golf club marketing, Golf Unlimited is unique in the service it offers to golf clubs. And most importantly – we understand and we care!

Knowledge plus technology – a powerful combination

We recognise that simply getting the job done is the biggest hurdle to implementing sales and marketing in any business but especially golf clubs. The future is digital and having the right tools to tap into this market, consistently and professionally will put your golf club ahead of the pack. As well as providing knowledge and support, Golf Unlimited works closely with sister company Digital Golf Network to provide a range of technology and tools to create and manage your own marketing channel.

We understand what you need to make marketing happen at the touch of a button. The company is proud to have been chosen as the UK partner to Course Trends, a US golf club marketing company.

Trusted advisors to the golf industry

Golf Unlimited is retained by both Wales Golf and England Golf to deliver expert industry workshops and to support golf clubs’ on all aspects of driving growth in the golf industry. The massively successful Business Growth Forums delivered by Golf Unlimited Director, Jane Carter, on behalf of England Golf in 2016 attracted more than 600 golf clubs and 2000 attendees, while the Wales Business Support scheme led by Jane successfully operated for more than four years offering bespoke support to more than 70 golf clubs.

Described as the golf club missionary, Jane’s role is to work with both organisations at a national and regional level helping educate golf clubs to better understand the environment they are in and the skills and resource needed to be a long-term success.

Jane is a passionate advocate of the role of the PGA Professional, without whom a golf club would struggle to engage with its members and customers. She regularly advises clubs on how to make the most of any relationship with their Professional and his team and how that role is integral to driving revenue and retaining customers at every level of the business.


Meet Jane Carter

With more than 30 years’ experience working in the golf sector – eight years as editor and publisher of Golf Monthly, and founder of golf marketing company, Golf Unlimited – Jane has unrivalled knowledge of what a golf club can do to successfully promote its business and how.

Here she shares her philosophy

“Golf is a great game – we just don’t sell it well enough. Sales and marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of small business management within a golf club – and yet it can make such a difference to the bottom line revenue almost immediately.”

“In all of the services we offer, I have made them practical and designed to get tangible results quickly.”

“Whether it’s a strategy day, a subscription to Golf Club Marketing Resource or working alongside myself and my team as we mentor you through a specific issue, we have something to add value to your business no matter what size, member run or proprietary.”

Don’t struggle on for another 12 months. Sign us up to your marketing team and let us help you make it happen!”