Golf Club Marketing Resource is designed to help golf clubs with their marketing. It has been created by golfers who have years of experience playing the game, working in the golf industry and running golf clubs.

Whether it is developing a strategy, creating a marketing plan, running a promotion or retaining members GCMR has a wide selection of articles, videos, plans and tools to help your golf club get the most out of your members and visitors.

And the focus is not solely on revenue as GCMR will provide tips and activities to help build both the golfing and social experience for players at your club.
Each section is broken down into three key elements giving you;

1. Why you should do it
2. How you should do it
3. The tools to do it

Contrary to what some sites will tell you, there is no magic or mystery to marketing. The two biggest obstacles for most golf clubs are simply resource and time. That’s where GCMR comes in. As a famous cleaning product states “We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to”.

Want to know why marketing is so important? Jane Carter, Leading Golf Marketing Consultant.

Keeping it simple

There’s no jargon, no fancy marketing speak, just simple, straight-forward ideas with the tools to help you put them in place.

The choice is yours

Use as much or as little of the site as you want. GCMR is yours to use for the maximum benefit to your club. Create a full plan with all the promotional materials, or just get some good ideas.

We’ve done the hard work

We’ve done the thinking for you. Strategies, plans, emails, posters, promotions, presentations and much more is all there at your fingertips.

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Access to leading industry thinking on strategy, retention, recruitment, visitors, societies and much more. Guides, promotional ideas and artwork options.

From plans to posters, from recruitment to retention, GCMR will help your golf club develop, implement and maintain an ongoing marketing plan designed to maximise revenue.

Golf Unlimited, the company behind the new website, has an unrivalled position as trusted advisor to the golf industry. Golf Unlimited is retained by both Wales Golf and England Golf to support golf clubs on all aspects of driving growth in the golf industry.

This approach to marketing is the brainchild of Jane Carter, founder of Golf Unlimited. With more than 30 years’ experience in the golfing industry Jane has unrivalled knowledge of what a golf club can do to successfully promote its business.

Jane’s philosophy is simple,

“Golf is a great game – we just don’t sell it well enough. Sales and marketing is one of the most overlooked aspects of small business management within a golf club – and yet it can make such a difference to the bottom line revenue almost immediately.”

The things you can learn


We’ll help you plan, setting clear goals and objectives

GCMR Strategy

Golf clubs operate in challenging times and a very competitive marketplace. Very few have waiting lists anymore and it’s becoming increasingly important to have business plans, marketing plans and a good vision of where the club is heading.

Our step by step guide will help you understand where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.


Optimise your recruitment – timings, target audience and more

GCMR Recruitment

Waiting lists have all but disappeared from golf clubs but clubs still need to be getting new members through the front door. We have some simple initiatives to help, plus all the promotional support you need to run a successful recruitment campaign


Make it so members don’t even think about leaving

GCMR Retention

Marketing is not all about getting money into the club through offers. Whilst all clubs will lose some members naturally due to changes in circumstance e.g. moving house, your current members are vital to the success of the club and should be looked after.

Some simple ideas can help maximise the membership experience and ensure that club money is not constantly being used to acquire new members.


Get more people playing your course more often

GCMR Visitors

From the occasional green fee player to a 60 man society your visitors are a great source of revenue for your club. How do you ensure repeat business, what is stopping them going elsewhere and is there even the potential to turn them into members?

Maximising their experience can help maximise your revenue and we have a range of tips, activities and promotions designed to do just that.


Social media, websites, email marketing – make the most of your media options

GCMR Digital

From social media to creating a great website to making the most of your email campaigns, we have some key do’s and don’ts to help you get the best out of these areas.

Plus, from website design and development to tee time booking to email management to open competition bookings, we can provide the tools and solutions to give you market leading products.

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Access to leading industry thinking on strategy, retention, recruitment, visitors, societies and much more. Guides, promotional ideas and artwork options.

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